How it Works

Integrate Cause-Centric Commerce Into
Your Business in Three Easy Steps

In just three simple steps, you can make a positive difference in your business and in the lives of others around the world.


Choose A Philanthropy

At Honeycomb, we’ll get to know your business and match you with 3-5 nonprofit partners that best fit your brand.

Work with the Philanthropy of Your Choice

We have over 350 nonprofits in our hive that would love to partner with your business. We have connections to nonprofits and philanthropies that support all causes, all approaches, and all geographical locations (we just don’t allow religious or political organizations—we have to keep it legal).

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Track Your Charitable Progress Online

You’ll get instant access, anywhere and anytime, to see your real-time charitable progress online.

Give Consumers a Reason to Choose Your Brand

Our state-of-the-art online dashboard tracks, analyzes, and quantifies your charitable progress so you can showcase your real-time social impact. In your dashboard, you’ll get to see the results of your campaign in an easy to comprehend format that makes it easy for your business to share your charitable journey with partners, consumers, teammates, and more.



Share Your Social Impact

We give you the tools to share your impact with your customers, partners, & team so they know the amazing things you’re doing.

Impact Reports & Social Media Shareables

Consumers want to know exactly what their purchase has helped fund. Let’s tell them that! We work with you to determine how much you’d like to give and create a dollar-to-impact with the charity of your choosing. We calculate your impact (for whatever period of time you like), bundle it up into an awesome visual report, and send it back to you to spread the word.