Make a Social Impact

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How Your Business Can Make a Social Impact

Through the Honeycomb Effect, we’ll help match your business to a nonprofit or philanthropy that supports a cause you care most about. Below are just a few of the many charity organizations you’ll find in our hive. Click on the images below to learn more about how your business can make a social impact.

Our Hive

No matter if you are looking to partner with national charities, local charities, service organizations, community service organizations, social service organizations, foundations or a specific cause close to your heart, we can help you get involved, donate to charity, and make a social impact. In our hive, we have countless philanthropies that support all causes, all approaches, and strive to provide community service to those that need it most. Get connected to a nonprofit organization or charity near you today through the Honeycomb Effect to start making quantified charity donations.

Getting Started with Honeycomb

When you’ve chosen a charity you’d like to support, we’ll work with you and the non profit to determine the best dollar-to-impact ratio that will quantify your contributions. We’ll create a series of online tools based on your campaign to help educate and motivate consumers of exactly what their purchase has helped fund. Through the Honeycomb Effect, giving back and getting more has never been easier. Start seeing all the good your business can produce by reaching out to us today.