Share Your Social Impact

How You Can Share Your Social Impact to Drive Profits

Through the Honeycomb Effect, your business will get a series of online tools, social media shareables, and impact reports that will help consumers see all the good your business has produced. Don’t know what to do with these tools? Here’s some ideas.

Generate More Sales on Individual Product Pages

Our online tools are created to communicate your social impact in a way that resonates with customers to help motivate them to buy your products time and time again. Embed your personalized online tools into your individual product pages to empower consumers with the knowledge of what their purchase has helped fund.

Share Your Impact on Mobile

Create a More Compelling Brand Story on Your Home Page

Your homepage is the cover of your business’s unique story. Let consumers judge your book by its cover by sharing all the good your business has produced upfront. They will be able to make a deeper connection to your brand, which will help you generate more sales, make more partnerships, and attract more talented employees.

Create Your Social Impact

Showcase your Overall Social Impact on its Own Page

Have you partnered with more than one charity? Supporting many different causes allows your consumers to see that your business cares about the goodwill of others—not just generating profits. Use this to your advantage and showcase your overall social impact in a brilliantly designed impact report on its own page. You can use this page in your marketing efforts to generate more profits than ever before.